10 miles done in 1:48:38 for a 10:51min/mi pace

It was supposed to be 12 miles, but my body decided 10 was enough. It was a gorgeous and I had on too much fabric.

Had the camel pack and larabar with me.

Now I relax in a tub filled with chocolate bubble bath. Well deserved I believe.

A great end to March! Now its time to prep goals for April and patiently wait for tomorrow morning’s pledge to progress pictures!

4 miles completed in 40:15 for a 10:04min/mi pace

ERMEHGERD! It feels so good to get back into running again. Although I’m wheezing and coughing from the effects to my lungs, I feel fantastic. I’m so glad I went out.

I didn’t have to wear any head gear, gloves or even my jacket. Yes, my damn tights kept slipping the entire time, but I need to use them for as long as possible. Then find ones with a draw string OR find a way to get ones installed to the ones I have now. I’m sure I could find a way. I’m sure it would be cheaper.

Damn slimming hips and not so slimming thighs ;-)

Unfortunately, it’s been three weeks since I’ve done a long run. I NEED to get in that last 12 mile run, no matter how long it takes, before my first half marathon, April 6th. I need to make sure that I can run that distance and survive!

Spring Fling Running Team week 3. There was a week three?

Horrible, I tell you. Horrible. I ran twice. Monday/Tuesday. That’s it. Then it turned vicious cold and I had things I had to do over my lunch hour. My son got sick, then I got sick. This final stretch of March hasn’t started out well either.

It’s been Tuesday since I’ve done any bit of exercise. I cannot believe I have allowed myself to get that far with nothing to show for it. I feel like I’m letting myself go and that’s so totally not cool. Allerton half is on April 6th and I will need all the training time I can muster! My hubby understands that and he’s ready to help out in any capacity possible. He’s good peeps :)

Speaking of hubby, he should arrive in the afternoon on this day and that makes me very happy. I think last night was finally the first night I slept in the middle of the bed! Then he said he would love to take Adam to do a bit of grocery shopping while I stay and have some time to myself. With the weather being crappy, I believe I will opt for a DVD workout to ease myself back into fitness.

Due to my illness I have reached my goal weight for this month as I requested. HOWEVER, being sick is not the way to lose weight. I was eating or drinking hardly anything. It’s time to get back into healthy eating and positive thinking. It’s amazing how a full night’s sleep can bring one around to clarity.

This week is mine to command. I’m going to attack and conquer!

Another successful 4 mile run done in 39:15 for a 9:48min/mi pace

I would really like to say this is something I could do for 13 miles during a half marathon, but I know for a fact there will be a lot of walking on my part. I have to remember that it’s okay to walk. I was even thinking about a 2min/8min pattern and see where that gets me. That fact that I’m competing is an adventure itself. However, I would like to be able to cross the finish line strong and say I had a good strategy by keeping my consistency.

Two more runs for the week, then maybe take a day off. We’ll see.

4 miles in 39:34 for a 9:53min/mi pace

My throat decided to tighten up again so I did the best I could with what I was given and became a woman on a mission. I was going to finish, end of story.

The weather this March is making it VERY difficult to go the way of the Lioness in terms of willpower, fight and fierceness.

Passed the half way point of the month and all I can do at this point is keep moving forward. You can do it too!

I am looking forward to the next set of progress pictures. I may have said this before, but I KNOW for a fact my inches are coming down and that makes me very optimistic.

Well good morning to my GORGY-ORGY of fantastic beings!

Had an indulgent weekend and did no running. You know what? I’m okay with that. I’ve been able to spend quality time with my babies so I say no complaints thus far. We’ll see how the rest of this day goes to see if the girls have lost their minds being in the house all alone :)

I’m going to attempt AT LEAST 4 - 4 mile runs this week as I accomplished last week over the lunch hour. Friday could come into question as I said I might bring the girls to work with me just to get out of the house. We’ll see…

All I know is, I’m ready once again to turn my attentions to my health and well being for this week. Like I said, the weekend was fun, but it’s time to refocus and cleanse the body, mind and soul.


Well, this is something I wasn’t expecting :\

I was going to run over the lunch hour.

I have my bag packed to run over the lunch hour.

Got the call I had won a door prize when I attended the Runner’s Symposium in February.

Going to pick it up over the lunch hour.

I would run tonight on the deadmill, but hubby needs to pack EVERYTHING into the rental car for his trip. That means I’m on Adam duty.

No run today.


4 miles in the rain in 38F(feels like 28F) with winds WSW at 19 mph

38 minutes for a 9:30min/mi pace. Right where I’d like to be.

I need to keep working on this and not let doubts get in my way.

However, I do feel long distance running is not something that fulfills my needs for fitness. Again, I’m running two 1/2 marathons so I need to make sure I train for them properly. After that, anything 7 miles and under is fine by me.

A shout out to Service Employees International Union Local No. 73 (SEIU) as they commence their three day strike as the next step to contract negotiations. If people want the garbage disposed of, they’re going to have to do it themselves until requests are met.

GOOD MORNING! I know, I know. It’s Monday.

I’m ready to tackle this week, fitness wise.

5 runs - 4 miles each

Make sure I have my bag packed every night for the next day. Keep up on the laundry so my cold gear and running tights are clean and ready for rotation.

I will need to run like this next week also. Hubby will not be ready available to care fr our son when I’m off for my long run. Which sucks, but I don’t know what else to do. Improvising as I go along in life, I guess!

My girls are coming to stay with me for their Spring Break(Mar 18-22). Hope they won’t get too bored! Hopefully the weather will be fair enough for them to enjoy the outdoors.

Okay, time to get ready for work and make the most of the day!