So excited to head to Chicago today, but I’m a little bummed.

I know it sounds silly, but I want to be able to wear my lovely dresses. I know I need to dress accordingly.

Also, I don’t want to dress like everyone else. I don’t want that “frumpy” mom look. I apologise to those who enjoy that look, but I’m still fighting it.

So, agenda:

  • Saturday
  1. Drive 153 miles to Chicago
  2. EAT CHIPOTLE - Oh yeah, that’s happening
  3. Legoland
  4. Check into the hotel
  5. Dinner at Weber Grill
  6. Perhaps a little swimming in the pool
  • Sunday
  1. Beach
  2. Possibly to the Children’s Museum
  3. Drive 153 miles back home

So you can imagine my uncertainty for attire during the weekend events.