So poor Emma has been getting nagged by her paternal grandmother about senior pictures

Guess it’s time to do research as to who will shoot them and what she’ll wear. She really wants to wear a black tux and strut around. I think she would look awesome like that too. Loafers, vest, tie, hair slicked back, shades, etc. You know, the works!

I would also like to something softer and vibrant. Full of color. You know? Something that flows making her ethereal. Perhaps something she could also wear for Prom? Almost like the answer to the tuxedo shots. The stunning evening gown shots!

What do you think, Miss Emma? If not, that’s cool too. I know this is suppose to be about you, but remember why you’re doing it :-P

Dear back and stomach:

Stop that.

You’re making it difficult to be able to do anything physical. I’m walking around broken and I really haven’t done anything!

Dear bed, you’re supposed to facilitate a good night’s sleep. You didn’t.

Dear couch, we’re not friends. I’m just waiting to replace you. Your little loveseat friend, too.

Dear coffee, thanks for being there. You help, some.

Dear fitness regime, every time we get together and things are going good, something comes along to louse it up.

Dear diet, here we go on this constant roundabout cycle. I try to do well every day, but sabotage tends to follow shortly.

Dear Tumblr, thanks for the motivation/distraction.

July 28, 2014 - Monday

Scale: 176 lbs(weighed in on 2/7/14) (Removed the scale for July)

Drinks: 1 - 20oz coffee with sugar in the raw, 3 - 20oz green tea with honey, 1 - 20ozwater

Workout: I moved around

Breakfast: 2 slices whole wheat toast with peanut butter; almond milk

Shuttle bus: Not taken/Then taken

Stairs: 5 flights

Lunch: Banana, pineapple Greek yogurt, pink lady apple, strawberries

Dinner: 2 egg with mushroom-green pepper-rice leftovers. 3 slices of cojack; cottage cheese with pineapple

Dessert: Snickerdoodle latte, chocolate muffin

Back on Track Challenge:

-do 100 jumping jacks throughout the day - Going to forgo this given my back issue, yoga it is.

-write a letter to the future you

Dear future self,

Hey darlin. I’m doing what I can back here to make sure you have a good life over there. Think fondly of me when you finally get that first professional photo shoot.

Love ya! Lissa

-treat yourself to a new “healthy” snack - Hehe, nope. Chocolate muffin was more inviting.