I am gonna freakin’ cry


I have a doctor’s appointment for the baby, and it’s later than we thought. My husband can only drop me off, he can’t take me home, so I have to take a cab home.

The cab is going to cost me $50.64 but the fuel cost to the driver, is only $1.80

I wish I knew somebody, ANYBODY in San Diego that could give me a ride. I’d gladly pay someone $20 to take me home, if it was an incovienience to them. But $50??? And I would TOTALLY walk home, but I’m going to have Isaiha and Isaiha’s car seat!! 

I just want to cry.

If anyone can help her out, you would be a saint.

Ootd - Red, White, & Blue

Waiting for the shuttle bus this morning, I was complimented again by another lovely black woman. She said,”You are wearing that dress. I love it.” I thanked her for her comment ad I boarded a different bus ( she was going a different direction). It was rewarding yet again to be complimented by a woman.

Ladies, we need to remind one another how beautiful we truly are. Build each other up. Never tear down.