29 Sept 2014 - Monday (At home with Adam)

Scale: 175lbs (weighed in on 01/9/14)(Removing scale for September)

Drinks: 1 - 20oz coffee with 1 tsp sugar in the raw, 4 - 20oz green tea with honey, 2 - 16ozwater

Workout: Didn’t think about it today

Breakfast: Big ass bowl of Reece’s peanut butter cereal, almond milk

Lunch: Honeycrisp apple with gobs of peanut butter; cottage cheese with pineapple

Dinner: 2 Tacos - whole wheat tortillas with black beans, cheese, hot sauce, and fresh spinach

Dessert: Nah, it’s okay. I’m good!

Looks like Adam will be getting surgery :-(

It will be this Thursday.

They don’t trust the break in the ulna to correct itself as it’s currently at a 45 degree angle. So they have to go in there and straighten it.

I will go to work tomorrow and Wednesday, then most likely stay home with Adam on Thursday AND Friday. So that way he’s cared for. I have the time accumulated, might as well use it!

I hate it when he misses school, but this is a serious matter and needs to be handled in a timely fashion!