About Me

Birthday: April 22, 1977


Height: 5’7”(170cm)

Measurements: 34-28-38

Instagram: blisssweetpea

Fitocracy: QueenBliss77

Goodness, where to begin.

Born, raised and still living in the heartland of the United States since 1977.

Youngest of three children to an amazing woman I have the privilege of calling mother(MAH!) and now have three children of my own!

I’ve been married young, divorced seven years later and then married to my high school sweetheart. As old blue eyes says, “Love is better the second time around.”

My philosophy is to let things flow as they will, but be aware of your surroundings with things and beings.

I have been pretty fortunate in my life and have much to be grateful for so long as I remind myself of that.

I do my best to be open to people and situations so that I can better understand life and its meaning for me.

Vegetarian since March 8, 2011