Autumn SlimDown Challenge Day 1

Brief bio/your story.

Apologies for this being a day behind. PC access at home was nonexistent. My name is Melissa. I am 37 years old. I am a mother of three amazing and CRAZY kids: Emma(alonerwolf)17, Keli 14, and Adam 5. I am a vegetarian(ovo-lacto). I am a front desk receptionist for a local university. I’ve gone through many diets and have been on the roller coaster to victory and defeat.

Current pics and/or stats.

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02 September 2014 - Tuesday

Scale: 175lbs (weighed in on 01/9/14)(Removing scale for September)

Drinks: 1 - 20oz coffee with 1 tsp sugar in the raw, 3 - 20oz green tea with honey , 2 - 16ozwater

Workout: Lifting, walking, stairs

Breakfast: 2 slices whole wheat toast with peanut butter, banana, almond milk

Lunch: Hummus with carrots and green pepper, blueberry Greek yoghur

Dinner: 1/2 cup, edemame, avocado

Dessert: cottage cheese with pineapple